Men's hockey 1:

The men's team is still looking for new members. If you want to actively support the hockey team, just come along to one of our training sessions and burn off some of that energy with us on the pitch.

MyBand - Tour 2016

The greatest moments on stage across the country.

Youth teams:

We're particularly proud of our youth divisions, as some of them have gone on to become professional sportsmen and women. We train our young players using the best equipment and state-of-the-art training techniques so that they are always ready for action as well as being motivated and eager to play to the best of their abilities.

Sports on offer

With our focus on ball games, we've gradually increased our range of activities over the years in line with trends and fitness options for ball game training. We can offer you the right team and group for your chosen sport.


Ball games are dominated by a combination of different movements. Walking, running, slowing down, jumping – all these activities can form part of some games. Tactics and team spirit are equally as important - after all, ball games are a team sport.

Our groups train for a wide variety of sports, including:

  • basketball
  • hockey
  • football
  • rugby
  • tennis
  • table tennis


Contact us to find out more details about our complete range of course offers and training times.


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